Envision a society wherein equality and justice are extended to every person with disabilities and avail life with dignity and immense opportunity for prosperity.


  • To eradicate the stigma of "vikalang" from the society through community participatory approach and social awareness.
  • To create opportunities for persons with disabilities to enable them to be self- reliant, confident and have a dignified life.


  • To generate awareness of disability, its early detection and preventions among community and different stakeholders.
  • To form and strengthen community based organizations (CBOs) and Self Help groups (SHGs) of person with disability towards building capacity and self confidence.
  • To develop sustainable livelihood opportunity for them through awareness of alternative livelihood sources, honing vocational skills and networking with various schemes by government and non government organizations.
  • To provide required help to disabled persons to get treatment from the govt. hospitals, travel concession certificates and other required services through counseling and guidance centers at rural areas.
  • To run various development programs like health, education, women and youth empowerment, social awareness etc to mainstream persons with disabilities.