Youth and women Empowerment

In Indian society, which is known for its varied culture and customs, woman very easily becomes the target of certain customs, which directly or indirectly infringe her basic human rights. Existing social structure, high incidence of violence and exploitation at various levels and non- availability of opportunities are major constrains in regard to improve of women's status in the society. We emphasize to change attitude of the society regarding customs, rituals and traditions related to the women. Other major issue is to mobilize youth and make aware them about their rights and role in community development.

Apart from our awareness and mobilization activities, AVKS dedicated to improve the socio economic condition of youth and women. Our youth and women empowerment program is focused towards self sustainability, active participation in MNREGA and SGSY and entrepreneurship development. It comprises formation and strengthens community based groups, SHGs for women, capacity building of SHGs, networking with government schemes, and linkage with financial institutions and build value chain for their product marketing.